Our Story

Directors Tim Bonnefin and Billy Steele have always believed in a better way to sell real estate.

‘The system works amazingly well in the UK,’ say’s Billy. ‘With over 1.2 million real estate sales every year, most are completed after the owner has shown prospective buyers their own home. The savings UK sellers reap are quite considerable compared with the far more expensive traditional Australian method.’

‘— and who knows the property better than the owner, anyway,’ says Tim.

If the client prefers not to show their own home? That’s okay, 4front will carry out property inspections on your behalf. The choice is yours.

What’s more, if we don't sell your property, we don't charge you a commission — and your property can be withdrawn at any time you wish.

‘We think differently,’ Tim says as he acknowledges how stressful, expensive and sometimes disappointing the process can be. ‘Currently, in excess of 30% of homes are selling off market, that is, before they hit the big portals. With this in mind, we have also developed an Online Marketing Platform, which gives the opportunity for a purchase to be made before the property hits the open market.’

Show And Tell

We think differently and have always believed in a better way to sell real estate

We are people-focused, providing high quality concierge-level services across all aspects of the property market. We listen, we hear, we understand. Our background in property valuation ensures our price guides are accurate and transparent.

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Meet the Team

Tim Bonnefin

Director / Licensed Property Agent

[email protected]

0447 171 321

Billy Steele

Director / Property Consultant

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0499 901 199

Cassandra Kelly

Office Manager / Property Consultant

[email protected]

0491 203 700

Trish Walker

Property Portfolio Manager

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