What is an off market sale?


Did you know that over 30% of property sales happen *off market, 4front Real Estate have created an online platform where you can list your property for FREE and gain the opportunity to find a buyer before there is a need to advertise.

*An off market sale is one which has taken place without being published to marketing platforms such as realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.    

Sometimes these off market sales have taken place privately but more often in conjunction with a real estate agent. However, and this is important, when they have been arranged by an agent the commission is usually still very high — despite an existing buyer saving the agent a lot of work.    


We’re offering our clients something different.

Welcome to the 4front of real estate, a platform which matches sellers with buyers. The difference is we won’t charge you the earth to use it!    

So, if we could match you with a buyer today, would you sell if the price was right?  

What if you could sell quickly off market, without the expected hassles and marketing costs associated with going to the open market?

Would you give it a try with absolutely no risk to you?    

No Sale, No Charge.  

Why not give it try? That buyer might be closer than you think.



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