Did you know…. 


There are approximately 500,000 real estate sales in Australia every year.

Compare this to the UK where there are 1,200,000  real estate sales every year.


Now, did you also know that nearly all UK property inspections are shown by the Home Owner?


The average UK Real Estate commission is 1.42%

The average Tasmania Real Estate commission is 2.96%!


The UK sales numbers proves the house will sell itself with, or without the agent conducting the inspections, and who knows your property better than you anyway?

So, why is it you need an agent who has only seen your property once, showing other people through your home...?

What value are you getting for that extra 1.5% commission?


A good agent will bring value to your sale in many ways but paying them to show someone around your home is not one of them. 

At 4 front, we can still carry out inspections for you if you wish, but it's not a necessity, that choice is yours.


4front's 1% commission option typically saves our clients in excess of $6000. 

The higher your property value the more you save!



Simply tell us a few points on your property and give us your authority to match you with a buyer.

No Sale No Charge, and you can withdraw your property at any time.  It's that simple!

So, why not give it a try!


At 4front, we ARE agents, focused on helping you realise your dreams whilst revolutionising value in an unfairly priced industry.