Real Estate debunked....

  1. "I am the best, I sell the most properties in the area."  Often these agents skew the sales statistics but counting their teams sales as their own.
  2. Asking Price Ranges, ie $340 to $390.  When selling the vendor is told they could sell as high as $390.  The buyer only see's $340, this becomes your asking price.
  3. "I have a buyer for your property"  When this line is used and it's true, you achieve a quick sale but often accompanied by a full fee high commission.
  4. "I have a buyer for your property"  This line is also used and turns out to be false.  Too late, you are often locked in for a set time and it's a good tool to help agents get listings.
  5. "Our agency will get you more in your pocket"  It is true that a great negotiator will get you a higher price, but how will you know they are great, no agent will tell you they are a bad negotiator.  Be sure to get more in your pocket with a better value service.
  6. You get what you pay for....  Do you though?  The Real estate Industry is fraught with unhappy clients left with a bad taste in the mouths and huge holes in their pockets.
  7. You need to be with a big Name agency....  Why?  Last time I visited the mainland I didn't see any Tassie properties in their windows.
  8. Quality versus Quantity.....  Many agencies claim to be boutique to focus more on their clients.  "Quantity has a Quality all of it's own", just make sure you are with the agency dealing with the most buyers.
  9. Agents buying listings....  Often agents "buy" a listing by telling the sellers their home is worth more than it is.  Agents do not control the price, they merely report on it using current market conditions.   These agents cannot achieve a price which is has been inflated in order to ‘buy’ the listing.
  10. "You need to be a local agent, with a large window..."  Every agency has a large window these day's, it's called the Internet and is seen from anywhere across the world.